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TeMatera Smith is an established Music Producer who has been producing music professionally for over 20 years. Constantly expanding his repertoire, TeMatera works with talented bands and musicians across different genres in developing their signature sound and style.

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Record Producer


From Concept to Delivery

Helping an Artist Fully Realise Theirs, and Their Projects Potential



The Magikal
Art of Capturing Sound in Context


Creating Depth, Balance & Energy that Engages the Listener



Devil is in the detail. Understanding Delivery Spec's is Essential

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Troy Kingi - Elephant In The Room M.Z.
Troy Kingi

Troy Kingi - Elephant In The Room M.Z.

All Categories
All Categories

Troy Kingi - Elephant In The Room M.Z.

Forest of the Abyss ~ The Poisoned Livers

Troy Kingi - Paparazzo [Official Music Video]

Troy Kingi - All Your Ships Have Sailed

Troy Kingi - First Take Strut (feat. NEKO)

71 Sunset - FUNK

Troy Kingi ~ Ethiopia

Tomy Daunt & the Dauntless _ Misery

Troy Kingi ~ Aztechknowledgey

Chris and the Kingsmen - Baby Blue

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PO Box 216 Kumeu, Auckland, Aotearoa

+64 (0) 278922070

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