Past Work

Audio Portfolio


Universal Studios Volcano Bay Grand Opening

Music Producer for the opening production live to 34Mil viewers

Music Producer for the opening production. Live to 34Mil viewers.
This was a once in a lifetime project, requiring field recording across the pacific islands, working with and recording members of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in Peter Jacksons Wellington Studios on an SSL console used on The Hobbit, mixing in RedRoom Studios Auckland and Universal Studios studio in Orlando.

Te Aratoi ~ Ancient Maori Music

Maioha Award Winning Album

This Project opened my ears to Taonga Pūoro and changed my life forever. I have, as a result, developed a deep love for First Nations music and instruments, something that is a true privilege to record.
A privilege I never take for granted.


Troy Kingi

R, P & M

Shake That Skinny Ass All The Way To Zygertron

Record and Mix

Holy Colony Burning Acres

Produce, Record & Mix

The Ghost of Freddie Cesar

Produce, Record & Mix



Written, Performed, Mixed & Mastered

During the 1st lockdown in NZ, I decided to start recording a catalogue of synth ambient music for film, TV, gaming and other media soundscapes.

This debut album Vitasphere, is inspired by the musical key that is associated with each sign of the Zodiac.