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RedRoom Recording Studios

Situated 35 minutes north of Auckland CBD, RedRoom has residential options making this an Ideal artistic get away, with great Analogue Gear and an wonderfully warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Round Head Studios

Arguably Auckland Premiere Studio, built by Neil Finn, this studio has quality as its heart and in every detail. Studio A for large projects and Studio B (still a significant studio) for smaller projects.

Music Producers Guild

Think of us as part of your professional toolkit – if you need help with legal questions, advice on a production, or if you want a contact and network with other producers and the wider music industry we can help.

Being a member means being part of a community of Producers, who are able to be your voice when it come to Production rights.

KOG Mastering Studio

Kog are New Zealand's most experienced and well-endowed music mastering facility, having over 20 years experience and credits on more than three million albums and single sales, tens of millions of streams, plus multiple top and award winning releases - gold and platinum selling or indie or whatever.   Whether you prefer to come in for your session or have it done online as so many do these days (especially if you are out of town) itʻs easy.

Telegraph Mastering

Telegraph Mastering is a full-service mastering studio located in Portland, OR offering mastering for CD, download, and vinyl with in-house lacquer cutting.

Your mixes are more than sound files or spools of magnetic tape. They are your art. Telegraph works with artists and labels from around the world to realize their sonic goals and bring out the best in their music.

Record Technology Inc.

RTI have been pressing 12" phonograph records for over 36 years. They offer high-quality in-house services, from the cutting of your lacquer master, custom packaging to drop shipping worldwide. Making Vinyl Records can be a very complicated experience, But these guys do whatever they can to make your experience as easy as possible. Highly recommended.

Holiday Records

Holiday Records has brought vinyl record pressing back to New Zealand for the first time since the 1980’s. We are proud to have brought a brand new, modern pressing plant to Auckland, New Zealand to service the world. An opportunity for artists at home and abroad to press their records in our corner of the globe and be a part of the whole process with us.

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