Tūwhitia Te Hopo (Single)

Te Kuru Dewes Ft. Troy Kingi (2022 AAARecords)


Gypsy Soul (Album)

Lee Martin (2022 AAARecords)


Te Wai Nō Rua Whetū / Aztechknowledgey (Single)

Troy Kingi & The Galactic Chiropractors (2022 Loop)


Must Seem Popular (ft. Bella Kalolo & Jonathan Crayford)

The Panthers (2021 Universal)


Shake That Skinny Ass All The Way to Zygertron (Album)

Troy Kingi & The Galactic Chiropractors (2017 AAARecords)


Sin Palabras

Domingo Candelario (2021 AAA Records)


The Ghost of Freddie Cesar

Troy Kingi & The Clutch (2021 AAA Records)


Doubt (Ft. Ranuimarz)

The Panthers (2021 Universal)


Holy Colony Burning Acres

Troy Kingi & The Upperclass (2019 AAARecords)


Regular Joe

Chris & The Kingsmen (2020 AAARecords)



Miss Peach & The Travellin Bones (2016 AAARecords)


Bitter Earth

71 Sunset (2015 AAARecords)



Radioglo (2015 AAARecords)


Ancient Maori Music

Te Aratoi (2015)


Ebola Babies

Ebola Babies (2017 AAARecords)


Radio Candy

The Symphony of Screams


How the Poor Feel Rich

Poisoned Livers (2020 AAARecords)


Heed to the Voices

The Symphony of Screams  (2008 AAARecords)